262MC Blog task 1

Blog CW Task 1: Radio teams must choose radio programmes/ TV team members must choose TV programmes:

1. Choose 2 formatted programmes (from any country, they don’t have to be UK formats) for this exercise (please don’t use Lecture examples).

  • Work out the “formula” that behind the format.  (Write the running order to help you)
  • Analyse the content – the presentation, contributors, the use of music, (and graphics where applicable) and other effects,  to Consider why the producer has included these elements and how they enhance the programme for the intended audience
  • What in your opinion doesn’t work very well.
  • Now offer at least one idea on how the programme could be improved.
  • Write a conclusion paragraph comparing and contrasting the 2 programmes.

“606” football news radio show on BBC Radio 5 (Kelly Cates and Ian Wright) / “Just a Minute” a quiz radio show on BBC Radio 4 (Nicholas Parson).

606 Running Order:

  • Starts with both of the presenters introducing themselves
  • Tells about what stories from todays football day
  • Starting comments really detailed the following football game, includes a phone calls from their middleman who has been at the stadium, also the comments after the game of the club’s managers
  • A conclusion for the game after all the comments
  • That goes the same for every game they chose

Unfortunately in my country they don’t rely on Radio that much, and we have only news and music radio shows, so i don’t have a big experience of listening to a lot of radio.

The first 10 minutes i’ve listened from the show i can tell that they put a lot of details in it. In the episode i “watched” they were talking about 5 games of the day, and when they were commenting the first game which was Chelsea vs Southhampton i was really surprised, because i did watch the game and their explanation was really what happen at this match. I also heard the opinion of their colleague who was at the stadium, and he was talking about the atmosphere there, which sounded really awesome to me. The managers opinion was something that i missed to watch on myself, but they played the comments of them so i was completely satisfied. There was no music at all in the show, which i understood, because the show is 30 min and they put a lot of info. The presenters are man and woman, which is very good i think because the audience is from both genders. (not only men are interested in sports haha). They have very good flow as well, as we all know the presenters are the people who runs the show and they must do it right, to attract the audience listen to their programme.

The producer included this because:

  • Its a programme that “brings” you to the field and tells you everything about the match of the day
  • Lots of information and comments by the presenters and people whos been to the match

“Just a minute” running order:

  • Starts with the tune “The Minute Waltz” by Frederic Chopin
  • The presenter welcomes the audience and says something about the programme
  • Then is telling the main topics about todays show
  • Presents the guests for the day
  • Starts the questions
  • Finishing with conclusion about how the show went

Thats such a funny and interesting programme to listen to if you are driving or if u are bored at home. Its interactive and makes you think even that you are not there in the show. Nicholas Parsons is the host and the face of the programme, he is there since the creating of the show back in 1967 and it has 879 episodes so far. Its very interesting the fact the use of applause in the show which gives you the feeling like its in a big studio with audience. The object of the game is for panelists to talk for sixty seconds on a given subject. There is music from time to time, and that makes it smooth and nice for the ears. The questions are funny and tricky, makes you really to think what it is. The good about the show is that you can play this game as well, no matter that you are in your car, home, street or whatever. Its perfect for filling your time, or to listen to it with friends and competing each other. (Also is a good way to impress your date if you two are listening to it)


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