262MC Blog task 4

CW BLOG TASK 4 –  (Group work)

  1. A Press Release/Proposal for your 1st artefact/format – a short summary of your TV or radio format outlining the premise of your programme in one or two sentences.  Then give the detail of the duration, genre, theme, intended audience and preferred broadcasting platform.
  2. The full programme script and running order.

“Crazy Court” is a series that looks at the weirdest stories happened in United Kingdom,

“Crazy Court” is *6mins*. Its story telling/debating format, which discusses a weird stories that took place in United Kingdom. The show is at the same time funny, interactive and serious. The topic can be everything that Is is weird. (murders, robbery, phobias, addiction, habits etc.) The audience consists of people from different age group, that are interested in these kind of stories.

The radio programme starts with 3 presenters, which introduces the story of the show, decides who is gonna argue with who, and at the end looks at the results from people’s responses on our social media links.

I think the show will fit in BBC Radio 4/5 programme – on its own podcast.

The programme script 

the-crazy-court-word (Thats the word version of it, i have celtix as well)

Running oreder

Items       Content                       Running Duration

1               Open song                                 00:24

2             Introduction                              00:26

3           Telling the story                         01:55

4           Debating                                       03:10

5           Social media results+winer     03:45

6          Bye words                                      00:15

7          Ending song                                 00:29



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