262MC Blog task 5


Write an evaluation of your 1st artefact (radio or TV programme) including;

– What makes the programme unique/different/interesting?

–  What elements of the format worked well (eg introduction, presentation, contributors,  content, audience interaction – graphics/set for TV work)?

– How could the format be improved (for the intended audience),

– How it could be developed into a transferable format and on what platforms could it play.


Write an evaluation of your professional progress in your radio or TV studio role including;

– how you developed skills in your role,

– your unique contribution to the group work,

– what you would do better next time.


I pretty much liked the radio format we did with my group. “Crazy Court” is a talkative and debating show which presents a weird stories around United Kingdom. I think there are many with similar ideas, but not exactly the same as ours.


What makes the show good is that the presentation of the story is very well given to the audience. Explains everything that happened at the “case”, and its presented the way it was. People decide for their on is that funny weird, sadly weird, scary weird etc. The debate between the presenters is also a good way to see two different points on something, which helps the people to think and discuss in our social media links. The “Cheeky stabbing” story was perfect for the format of the programme.


I think everything worked very well until the screening. I was paying attention on all the small details, as a producer and helped my group a lot. The story of the episode we worked on is a “Cheeky stabbing” happened recently here in local Nando’s. We had a problem with the script at the beginning, it sounded like they read, which Is not definitely not good, so i told them that I think they must do a bullet keys of the script and just close it. And It did work way way better than with the script, it sounded very natural. The presenters were 2 British guys and one Bulgarian girl which make the show more colourful, because of her accent. The audience liked it and they said it was pretty smooth. For me the task was accomplish.


To improve the format next time I would definitely put more attention on the debate In the show. You can feel that they don’t have much to say about it, which is not really good, so they must put more effort in it. The jokes were pre-made which is not good as well, they must become naturally and to make u really laugh. I believe the people who will listen to our radio show, will want our presenter to be confident and funny during the programme. It was a first time for them to record radio show, so I think it was very good job, what they did. For this kind of programme I think these are the main things we need to improve next time.


The task was very engaging for me. I always wanted to be a producer in my life, no matter what kind of producer. I put a lot of effort doing this. I had a problem with my Moodle at the beginning and I went to my radio group with no clue what should I do. They already had chosen the story and had a little bit of the script, but I really helped them to develop it in to a good structured Radio script. I had a practice session in the recording studio day before the RECORDING of the show, so I knew what I was about to do. I learned a lot and I think everyone were satisfied with the produced work.


Producing is something not that easy, it looks like it is, but its not. You have to think for a lot of stuff doing this. Noises, microphones, recordings etc. I never did this in my life before this day and I was really fascinated about it. I developed my skills with the help of Paul Adkins which I’m thankful for it. I also upgraded my skills in Adobe Audition, as a producer and editor of the programme. I had to cut a lot of silent moments and a lot of speech defects in the post-production, which was really pain in the ***. Firstly I did it with very good song in the background, but then I realised that the tune is not copyrights free so I had to look around for a free one. I think the one I used in the show was matching the topic and the format of the programme. Next time I would put more effort on the creating the script, and playing with the producing board, because it was hard for me as a first time.


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