262MC Blog task 2

Blog CW Task 2: Radio teams must choose radio programmes/ TV team members must choose TV programmes: INDIVIDUAL WORK

  1. Choose an existing TV or RADIO format (can be from any country).
  • Watch or listen to the format minute-by-minute to work out the elements that make up the programme
  • Write the running order for it (not the script, you don’t need to include the words). See the template on Moodle.
  • Look at the running order you’ve produced and think about the following:
  1. the length of the introduction
  2. the links used to keep the programme moving
  3. the length of each programme segment (or “items”)
  4. any other interesting elements
  • Write a paragraph summing up what “techniques” have been used to make the format entertaining for the intended audience.

“Its Your Round”


Its your round running order:

Items       Content                       Running Duration

1               Open song                             00:06

2             Introduction                          00:18

3           Presenting the guests           01:12

4           Explaining Round 1                00:51

5           All the guests playing.          03:45

6            Explaining round 2.              00:36

7           All the guest playing.            04:29

8            Explaining round 3               01:05

9            All the guest playing           07:20

10          Explaining round 4              00:40

11           All the guest playing           06:10

12          Final Results and BB.          00:35

13         Winner reads the credits     00:31

TOTAL RUNING TIME        27:31

The show is pretty interesting to listen. It has good sense of humour and nice jokes. The presenter Angus Deayton is well know British comedian so he is very confident with his jokes during the show. Its interactive and the interesting part is that the guests chooses the “game” for each round. The content is well organised and its perfectly timed. Sometimes their answers are very weird and makes everyone laugh. All the games makes it really entertaining and makes you to think a guess what the answer is. I think for my personal opinion , that the show is very good and nice developed. Would be perfect if I’m in the rush hour in the middle of the road and listening to this.


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