262MC Blog post #8

CW Blog Task 8

Review your 2nd Artefact  (TV or RADIO) programme:

– Does the programme you have made work as a format (a programme made to a formula that is easy for the audience to follow, and produced across territories)?  

–  What makes the programme unique/different/interesting?  

–  What elements of the format work particularly well (eg introduction, presentation, contributors, content, audience interaction)? 

–  What do you think audiences would like and what would get them to listen or watch again and again? 

–  What has not worked so well? How could the format be improved? If money/time were no object what would you do better next time?

Review your personal progress on this module:

– How have you developed your editorial (storytelling) skills? 

– What technical skills have you developed and how did you do this? 

– What helped your overall progress? What have you learnt about yourself as a programme maker?


I think the show is pretty easy to understand. It includes all audiences. It will be really interesting to watch such a show on TV.

What makes the programme unique is that we are showing “facts” from the world we lived. We used people with different sexual orientation. We are a hundreds time more interesting LIVE Tinder.

Audience will want to watch this again, cause the main idea of combining people and then wining a date is something in our life that totally changed. 50 % of the relationships started with social media chat. We are making thin on TV, this is the trend right now, people will see themselves in this programme.

If we had more time, we could’ve done it way better, time is the most important component in one production.

As a VT producer, i developed my filmmaking skills. And my communication with people.

I have reviewed my personal developments on a different post:



Production Paperworks:

Running order: running-order-template-2-2

TV SCRIPT: love-clash-script

TV formats temple : https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=AD16A97A369E38B6!16744&ithint=file%2cdocx&app=Word&authkey=!AKcXKsMK-C0MJ2E 


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