262MC TV (development)

In this project i was the VT producer, which a quite important job for a TV programme. I had to do several and variety kind of videos about our participants and their talents. That helped me develop my personal filmmaking skills and my communication with people. The thing about this job that i really liked is that includes the word “producer”, as a dreamer to become one of the biggest producers of all time, that was a very good challange for me. I faced few problems with, creating the story for the videos, cause they were supposed to be 10-15 seconds each, or for the final one the light was really bad, but with my post-production skills i fixed everything.

On the other hand i think my group did a great job with this production. We had a very good producer and director, who were making sure that everything is on time and its perfectly made. Im happy and satisfied with the work we did and i cant wait to see the screening of it on the assessment date. Also im really curious what Karen is going to say about it and is she gonna notice my good job for the VTs.


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