Blog task #7

CW BLOG TASK 7 –  (Group work)

1. A Press Release/Proposal for your 2nd artefact/format – a short summary of your TV or radio format outlining the premise of your programme in one or two sentences.  Then give the detail of the duration, genre, theme, intended audience and preferred broadcasting platform.

2. The full programme script and running order.

Its a dating show for students. With a lot of competitions and funny games that the participants contest between each other. Will they continue after the show or not, we will understand on each next episode.

  • Duration: Its 10 minutes programme
  • Genre: Gameshow
  • Theme: The main theme is love between unknown participants. With interacting and gaming comparing show.
  • Intended audience: Its for all ages. Targeting mostly teenagers, also we are including gay people, heterosexual and bi singles.

The programme will fit perfectly on BBC3 and MTV. These tv channels mostly broadcast this kind of shows.

The full programme script:!ArY4njZ6qRatgYJmFcz1nsU07D_7GA

The full programme running order:!ArY4njZ6qRatgYJkzJxEIUsWbHfz7g


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