260MC Making a RELATIONSHIP (portfolio)

Making a relationship

Task #2


This task was to show how we understood the techniques about the “blocking” in filmmaking. We should use exactly 6 different shots for the whole video, each one must be 10 seconds, and we can use them as any times as we want in the video. (It could be less than 60 seconds)

The lecture was really interesting and very full of useful information, which definitely helped me a lot for my vision as video producer. The teacher’s example was from the movie with one of my favorite actors of all time: Leonardo DiCaprio called “Catch me if you can”. The way I understand the blocking is :

  • Change the action of the scene
  • Put attention on a important part of the scene
  • Express your skills by changing the camera angle at the right moment

Before this lecture, I’ve never did pay attention on the movement and pointing of the camera at some subject. There is a story for everything and explaining for everything when professionals create their movies, its not just “I used this shot, because it looks cool”. That was key moment of my understanding the work I want to do in future. I watch and analyze movies now in a different way.



My idea for this task was very simple and easy to understand. I wanted to show human emotions expressed by the love of watching football. I found few years ago a video of football match between “Leicester F.C.” and “Watford” semi-final match, which is considered as one of the most dramatic moments in football history of all time. You can feel the emotion from the voice of the commentary. Its 90 min +6th additional time and there is a penalty for the team of “Leicester” if they score they qualify, but they miss and with the very last attack of “Watford” they score and they qualify.

My six shots were:

  • Shot of both of them showing their expression about the penalty ( guy on left is the fan of Leicester”
  • Shot of the fan of Leicester after the penalty was not scored
  • Flips back to the Watford fan to show his happy reaction (switching between this and the one above few times)
  • Shot of the back of them, now we see the screen so we can watch what is going on. We see the goal and the reaction of the Watford fan
  • Immediately changes the angle so we can still see the reaction of the happy fan, but also we see the loosing guy pissed of
  • Lastly we show the happy reaction after Watford qualified



Again as the last time I used the DSLR Canon 700D, but unfortunately this time I decided to use digestive light, which was big mistake, but I will fix it one day if I have time. I wasn’t using tripod, decided to dedicated everything on my hands, and it worked pretty well actually. It turned out that I have stable hands. Used a video from “Youtube.com” put it on the TV using HDMI cable. That’s probably the worst video I’ve done so far.

The editing part was really hard for me, because one of the actors didn’t have time at all so we rushed it and I literally have 2 takes for each scene, which is not enough. His acting wasn’t really good as well so I had to play with the Premiere a long time until I make the video watchable.



I wanted to do this, because I’m a big fan of football and I thought that If I show the people, reactions from this match would be cool. Football is the most watched sport ever and my audience should be big and interested of watching my video. Also to remind the real fans of Watford this feeling again, and to make them experience it again. And it was a good experiment for myself to try the new stuff I learned about the blocking.



I did researched, when was the match, what was it for etc. I looked at the fans website to see reactions and videos happened exactly at this day. Watford wins the cup on the Final later on.



Not very happy with the picture and with the rushing scenes I had to do, but this is happening in life and that’s it. Next time I will be more prepared and I will achieve my goals for sure. I learned what is blocking and how to use it, and I think if you look my video at this side, the blocking works really well.

Words: 758


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