260MC Photographic the FACE (portfolio)

Photographic the Face

Task #1


This task was to create a “long portrait” or a “cinematograph” video. The goal was the video to be exactly 1 minute long, and absolutely no sound in it. My actor for the movie was my girlfriend. I had 2 ideas about it:

  • The first one was to film her during she is taking shower, so I was about to show how she is washing her hair, and I wanted to put the camera, right below the shower, to make it more real. I did few shot of it, but something was missing, and also I though many people will do that so I gave up on this idea.
  • The second one and the actual one is to show her how she is putting her make up on.


I’ve decided to use my second idea. The video has no special narrative or meaning, I wanted just to make it look enjoyable to watch, and I putted my effort on making it precise. Wanted to show that the make up is not something easy that you can just do like that, you must practice many times to get used to it. Researches shows that girls start to use make up between the age of 12-14 y/o and that goes lifetime. Important part of ladies life, for some makes them confident, for other is just to emphasize their faces etc.


For making it I used DSLR Canon 700D, LED small lightning (which can be attached to the camera) and a tripod. The video starts with showing a table with a lot of make up utilities and showing her hands taking the powder, and as long with the hand I was moving the camera to her face. It was a little bit hard, because I wanted her to watch straight to the lens and do her make up without using mirror. The frame is perfectly made right in the center.


Make up is something that every single woman on earth is using, they put a lot of effort and time making it look perfect. My idea was to make the audience feels like the camera is the mirror. I think that this will make the video more interesting. I pointed it at her face to make it one line with the eyes. The reason I do that is because I wanted to show how concentrate one person is when looking at the mirror, especially if its doing make up on it self. I had just one minute, so I just showed the most important part of this process.


I checked few tutorials “How to put make up correctly” and I saw many ladies showing it, again with the camera pointing at their faces, but for my opinion something was missing. If I want to do a make up on myself, I would definitely prefer the video to look like the tutor is doing it in front of a mirror. Clearly the idea of the project was “photographic the face”, that’s why I chose my girlfriends face and skill, because she loves to do makeups on herself.


I definitely accomplish what I wanted to do:

  • Well structured the camera, the shot is on focus and in the center of the frame.
  • Gave the audience the feeling that the camera is a “mirror”. (After the screening session’s feedback)
  • Smooth and nice transaction to the face from the makeup accessories.
  • Light is good.

I was struggling with the light at the beginning, because I couldn’t choose which highlights the face perfectly, but I think at the end I found the perfect one.

Next time I will try to give my video more narrative and story, so I can make it even more to understand. Storytelling is something really important for a filmmaker, what audience will think and feel is one of the main goals when you make video.

Words: 652


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