264MC Short-film Blog post 1

“Ticky Tacky”

by Brian Petsos

A “Saboteur” production presents one really interesting short-film, starring Oscar Isaac. The movie is really intense and its a shocking story of a rich man who turns his mind to revenge for a perceived betrayal, the film itself is very well shot and directed. Shooting a film in a single location is one of the bigger challenges for a writer-director, even a short film. I personally think that the idea is very clever in two ways:

  1. The movie itself its interactive for the people, and the story is perfectly fitted in those 15 minutes.
  2. Its very well for the production, because the location is the same all the time (which will save money and time for filming), the main actors are 2 and 5 in total for the movie.

Absolutely fantastic job of the DOP of the movie, who created the perfect location, perfect vision and camera movement. The film looks like a scene from actual full-length movie, its very well color-graded and it looks amazing. The director does something really smart I think, most people would say they don’t want to watch a film that looks like their watching a scene from movie, and nothing can happen. Petsos uses the time to split it in three days, which gives the feeling to the audience of action and continuity of the narrative, where exposes the crucial love story of Lucien (Oscar Isaac) a rich man with power, finds out that his wife cheated on him with his cousin-best friend.

One of the things I really like about the movie is the framing, everything looks so symmetrical its like there is a mirror and you see the reflection. All the camera shots are still and you barely can see movement. (There is one shot where you can clearly tell the camera is handheld, that’s when the boy is giving the gun to his “boss”). Im not a big fan of stills, but I definitely like how this movie is done. The edit is very good as well. Other thing is the action in the movie, at the same time has a dramatic moments, funny moments and awkward moments, where you usually see in normal movies, so this is gathered perfectly to present the story in the of the short-film. There is even a gun-shoot, which for some people that are fans of killing and murdering movies, they will like it as well.

The sound is something that is really important, not only in short films, but everywhere. In this movie they used classical music, that suite the main character, who you can tell is a descend person. But there was this ‘epic’ sound that really got me, when he realizes that his wife never visited Paris, as he was thinking, the sound is like one second of the time, but its so dramatic that makes you feel like something really bad is going to happen. I am HUGE fan of Johan Strauss, and that’s why I love the ‘dramatic’ end where he is about to burn the whole place, and during he is pouring everywhere with gasoline, the music on the background is exactly on of his piece of work (I can’t remember which one exactly) and it matches the scene so beautifully.

Having Oscar Isaac as a main character in you short film, it’s a big honor for the director and the production at all. His performance is brilliant and it was his most dramatic role at this time. (After this Ex-machina was released)

Other actor that is in the movie is Julian Shatkin, who plays as the spy agent of Isaac, and his character is the most shocking in the movie, which gives the audience the feeling of the inside joke of the movie. I also really like how the director presents the secretary of the businessman, at the moment he ask something from her, in the next 2 seconds she is appearing, like she is already prepared for it. It reminds me of Scorsese’s a little bit.

I researched the director Brian Petsos, he started as a actor at the beginning of his career, and this is how actually he is making the connection with Oscar Isaac and they become friends. During his acting career he was writing some screenplays, afterwards he wants to use them in movies and to become a filmmaker. Now he has 12 writer, 11 producer and 5 director credits so far. (23 acting credits)

This short film for my person opinion is one of the best I’ve watched so far. It has story, action, drama, jokes and everything you want to see in one movie. The acting performance is very good as well, cinematography, sound mix etc. Shows you that you can use one location only, the thing is how you are going to use it, in this particular movie the used the space in this room as a exactly the same on the left and on the right, and the shot is perfectly centered.

What actually Is a short film, in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is described as “an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits”. “Short films are often screened at local, national, or international film festivals and made by independent filmmakers for non-profit, either with a low budget or no budget at all. They are usually funded by film grants, non-profit organizations, sponsor, or personal funds. Short films are generally used by filmmakers to gain experience or prove their talent in order to gain funding for future films from private investors, entertainment companies, or film studios.”

Short-films started to be produced back in 1920s, and it was numbers more than the feature films. Comedy was the most used genre, where you can see famous actors such as Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy and Buster Keaton. Short films are a typical first stage for new filmmakers, but professional actors and crews still choose to create short films as an alternative form of expression. Short filmmaking is growing in popularity as equipment becomes cheaper.

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